The Best Ice

CUBERS is a byword for quality and innovation. In all the processes going to make up our value chain, strict quality standards are followed to afford the highest possible hygiene and sanitary assurances to all our products and to offer our customers ice with unique properties.
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01 Innovation Closely following market trends, our offer includes all types of formats, qualities and processes, both automated and handcrafted, allowing the consumer experience to be customised to the hilt.
02 Maximum durability Our ice is characterised by maintaining the cold chain at all times and by melting much more slowly than other types of ice.
03 Loose, dry and whole The different types of ice of Procubitos Europe are the loosest, driest and with the lowest breakage index on the market.
04 Double freezing Their manufacturing process, based on double freezing, affords them great durability, ensuring their organoleptic qualities.
05 Automation Allowing total hygiene and ensuring their organoleptic qualities.
Premium Range Always in touch with our bartenders, we make innovative ice so that they can unleash all their creativity. PREMIUM Range
Luxury Range With unique purity, transparency and elegance, handcrafted from the purest water. LUXURY Range

Manufacturing process

Quality and efficiency are present throughout the process using a wholly automated system, in such a way that the product is never touched by hands, guaranteeing the highest possible hygiene and sanitary standards.

Treatment Removal of chlorine and impurities, pH, ozonized and UV disinfection. Reverse osmosis.
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Freezing Double freezing to ensure great durability and all its organoleptic qualities.
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Packing Totally robotised packaging, bagging and palletising.
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Storage Commercial freezers endowed with high energy efficiency.
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Distribution Double freezing to ensure great durability and all its organoleptic qualities.
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