Legal notice

The website (henceforth, the “Website”) is owned by the company PROCUBITOS EUROPE (henceforth, PROCUBITOS), whose registered office is situated at Calle Acanto 22, 28045 Madrid and holding CIF (corporation tax no.): B-33879115, it is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of ice.

PROCUBITOS EUROPE is registered with the Registrar of Companies of Asturias in Volume 2,892, Folio 11, Sheet number AS-25.605, entry 6.

DOMINIOS PROCUBITOS EUROPE (henceforth, the ”Website”)

The ¨website¨ is made available to Internet users with a view to providing information about the products and services of PROCUBITOS EUROPE, as well as to allow the rendering of different services via the ¨website¨.

In order to ensure that use of the Website complies with the criteria of clarity, simplicity and transparency, PROCUBITOS informs the user that any suggestion, doubt or consultation about the Generals Terms of Use shall be received and resolved by contacting PROCUBITOS on tel. no. 902 194 576 or at the e-mail address:

1. Purpose

PROCUBITOS supplies the content and services that are available at the Website, subject to the present General Terms of Use (Legal Notice), as well as to the personal data processing policy (henceforth, the “Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy”. Access to and browsing around this Website or its use or participation in any way affords classification as a “User” and implies acceptance without reservations of each and every one of the present General Terms of Use, with PROCUBITOS reserving the right to amend them at any time. Accordingly, each User shall be responsible for carefully reading the General Terms of Use in force each time it accesses the Website, so it is not in agreement with any of the terms set out herein, it should refrain from using or browsing the present Website.

Furthermore, it is hereby warned that specific terms may sometimes be determined for the use at the Website of specific services and/or contents and the use of said contents or services shall entail acceptance of the specific terms set out therein.

2. ¨Website¨ Services

Via the Website PROCUBITOS provides Users with the services described below:

Access to general information about our company, head offices, our brands and product portfolio.

Access to the ¨work with us¨ section so they can get to know the information available about job offers at PROCUBITOS, as well as signing up to send their CVs, so they can take part in any future staff selection procedures.

Carrying out consultations or sending suggestions via the contact form to be found at the website.

Downloading our digital catalogue subject to the provision and confirmation of user data.
(Henceforth, the “Services”).

3. Access to the ¨website¨

Access to the contents and use of the services provided at the ¨website¨ is free-of-charge, as well as the information it contains. Notwithstanding some of the services and/or products offered to third parties by PROCUBITOS at the ¨website¨ may be subject to their prior contracting and the payment of an amount which shall be specified in due time in the specific contracting conditions. Furthermore, and as a general rule, prior subscription or registration as a user is not required for access to and use of the website, without prejudice to the fact that for certain services, certain data may be required of it, in which case any omission or refusal to provide the data requested shall make it impossible to comply with the purpose mentioned, with the inclusion of data in the remaining fields being voluntary.

The website¨ may not be accessed by minors, unless they have the specific, prior consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives who shall be regarded as being responsible for the acts carried out by those minors for whom they are responsible in accordance with the regulations in force. In any case, it shall be assumed that access by a minor to our ¨website¨ has been gained with the specific, prior consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives.

4. User’s Responsibility

5. Responsibility of PROCUBITOS EUROPE

The PROCUBITOS website contains information, contents, texts, photos, purely for the purposes of dissemination or information and they derive from sources regarded as reliable, and although reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that the information contained is correct, it cannot be guaranteed that it is accurate, complete or up-to-date at any time and so PROCUBITOS specifically declines any responsibility for any error or omission in the information contained at the ¨website¨. PROCUBITOS reserves the right to modify, temporarily suspend, cancel or restrict the content of the ¨website¨, without the need for any prior notice.

6. Links

The present Legal Notice solely refers to the ¨Website¨ and contents of PROCUBITOS and it does not apply to any third-party links or websites that may be accessible via the ¨website¨.

PROCUBITOS reserves the right to introduce links to third-party websites. In the aforementioned eventuality, PROCUBITOS shall not be responsible for any websites which are not its own and which the user can access via said links. Any use of a link or access to a website which is not its own shall be carried out at the exclusive risk and wishes of the user. PROCUBITOS does not guarantee nor recommend any information or content that can be obtained through or via a link, nor shall it held liable for any loss, claim or damage deriving from the use or misuse of said link, nor for any information obtained through it, for the interruption of the service or access, or for any attempt to use or incorrectly use a link, either when accessing the website, or when accessing information from other websites via this ¨website¨.

Furthermore, PROCUBITOS does duly inform that it does not allow the creation of hyperlinks from a website unrelated with the PROCUBITOS website, unless it has the specific, prior consent of PROCUBITOS.

7. Social Media

PROCUBITOS has a profile on the main social media and it is responsible for the processing of the data of its fans, followers, commentators or other user profiles, henceforth, the ¨Social Media Followers¨, and having duly registered said file with the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The user may join those Groups that PROCUBITOS has on different social media, with a view to sharing comments, experiences about the products and services offered by PROCUBITOS and getting in touch with other Group members. The processing that PROCUBITOS will carry out of social media followers’ data shall be that which the respective social media allows for corporate profiles.

PROCUBITOS may inform its followers, by such means as the social media allows, about its products, offers, services, to carry out promotions, competitions, draws, as well as to provide customer care services.

The user is also informed that it has been included as a ¨Social Media Follower¨ who must accept the terms of use and privacy policy of the respective social media.

8. Intellectual and industrial property

All the contents of the website, unless stated otherwise, are exclusively owned by PROCUBITOS and they include, but are not limited to, graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photos and any other elements that appear at the website.

Also any trade names, trademarks or distinguishing signs of any kind contained at the website are owned by PROCUBITOS or third companies, and their use is forbidden without the consent of PROCUBITOS or its legitimate owners. Under no circumstances, unless specifically authorised, does access to or use of the ¨website¨ and/or its contents and/or services, bestow upon the user any right to the trademarks, logos and/or distinguishing signs included thereat, which are protected by law.

PROCUBITOS does not grant any type of licence or authorisation for personal use to the User with regard to its intellectual and industrial property rights or about any other right related with its website and the services offered there.

This is why the User acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, sale, transformation and, in general, any other form of exploitation, by any procedures, of the contents of this ¨website¨ constitutes a breach of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of PROCUBITOS or of the holder thereof.

9. Personal Data Protection and Privacy

The User may send PROCUBITOS its personal data via the form/s that may appear for this purpose at the ¨Website¨, as well as by conventional means such as by phone, e-mail and/or fax. We would ask you to read carefully and specifically accept the ¨Personal Data Protection and Privacy” before providing or sending your personal data.

10. Cookies’ Policy

Browsing the website or the ¨Cookies’ Policy¨ of PROCUBITOS is determined by the stipulations of the document ¨Cookies’ Policy¨. We would ask you to read carefully and specifically accept the ¨Cookies’ Policy¨.

11. Amendment of the terms of use

PROCUBITOS reserves the right to develop or update, at any time, the terms of use of the present website and so the user must read them periodically.

12. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

The present General Terms of Use, as well as the use of the Website, shall be subject to Spanish legislation. Any dispute shall be settled before the courts of the area where the registered office of PROCUBITOS is situated.

In the event that any stipulation of the present General Terms of Use proves to be unenforceable or null and void by dint of the applicable legislation or as a result of a court or administrative decision, said unenforceability or nullity shall not mean that the present General Terms of Use as a whole are unenforceable or null and void. Should this be the case, PROCUBITOS shall duly amend or replace said stipulation with another that is valid and enforceable and which, as far as proves possible, achieves the objective and claim reflected in the original stipulation.

PROCUBITOS shall pursue any breach of the present Terms as well as any misuse of the website by carrying out any civil and criminal actions that may fall to it by law.